Happy Birthday Vixen

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.07.30 PM

I couldn’t not buy this! I am from Tennessee originally and this inscription is the most Southern thing I can imagine. There’s just a certain Southern tone to it, and those names…in the book Southern Ladies & Gentlemen. Hoo-boy, yeah, it’s a Southern thing.

Plus, I bought it on Feb 8th, 2018. So, just barely a year after Vixen was presumably given the book as a gift from Dixie cup. What happened?

Vixen and Dixie Cup grew up in the same suburb of Knoxville, TN. They’ve known each-other forever. But, though Dixie Cup hasn’t noticed it, Vixen has been trying to distance herself from the old crew. All they do is get together to drink and reminisce about the good old days, which seem to have ended about the time they traded in their cheer skirts for diamond chips.

The appeal has faded for Vixen, who’s been thinking more and more of going back school and getting a Social Justice degree. An idea that’s been percolating since the first of her friends offered condolences at the birth of her grandson, instead of congratulations. All because he’s bi-racial.

He’s a miracle, damn it! Her daughter, Meredith, struggled with bulimia for years. Everyone had given up on children. And now that they have him, no one is going to take away from the wonder of his existence, not the snooty whispers at the beauty parlor, not the scandalized grocery store clerk, not the condescending minister who told her how “brave and charitable she was,” and not her not her well-meaning but insincere ‘friends!’

She is done being Vixen. She is Martha V. Alvarez and is going to be a warrior for the one little boy that mattered.

What Martha doesn’t know yet is that she’ll be a warrior for other little boys just like him too. Because understanding we’re all in this together often starts small and close to home.


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